Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Children's Center Graduates

Congratulations Are In Order!!!

Celebrating their graduation from Northeastern Illinois University with Master of Arts in Early Childhood Special Education, these graduates were honored at a luncheon before the holidays.  From left to right:  Josh Piet, Beverly Dawson, Bonnie Buonicore, Alyssa Roge-Jimenez, Teri Fukar, Chris Clark, Tina Young, and Linda Campos.

These staff represent various sites of The Children's Center.  Josh Piet teaches in a Pre-K at Risk classroom at our Hawthorne site.  In his spare time he plays base in the Hoyle Brothers Band.  Beverly Dawson is the Head Start Director.  She is also at the Hawthorne site.  She spends a lot of her spare time with her grandchildren.  Bonnie Buonicore heads up Education and is the Coordinator of the Pre-Kindergarten At-Risk program.  Her office is at the Riverside Drive site.  Music and horseback riding are her outside interests.  Alyssa Roge-Jimenez oversees education in the Head Start Program at Hawthorne.  She's still a newlywed.  Teri Fukar is the Director of the Riverside Drive Site and announced her engagement at graduation.  So we know what she will be doing in her spare time.  Chris Clark is a Head Start teacher at the Hawthorne site.  Her almost three year-old son keeps her busy all the time.  Tina Young is a teacher in the Pre-Kindergarten room at Red Feather.  Gardening and fishing keep her busy when the weather is nice. Linda Campos is the Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Grant Works.  She's dreaming of a vacation in Hawaii or Ireland, but right now it's still a dream.

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