Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Book of the Month: The Three Snow Bears

Miss Vickie's Choice for January:

 The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett

The Three Snow Bears is a new take on a classic story.  Aloo-ki came upon an igloo when she was looking for her huskies who had floated out to sea on an ice floe.  Aloo-ki wandered inside the igloo and drank the littlest bowl of soup, put on the littlest pair of boots, and fell asleep covered with a furry blanket. 

The artwork beautifully depicts a variety of cold weather animal friends such as polar bears, seals, rabbits, a fox and walrus.  Although bears and dogs are the only animals mentioned in the story, there are many beautiful animal pictures on each page to enjoy and name.

New vocabulary:  igloo, adrift, current, huskies

State Goal 6:  Standard D

State Goal 8:  Standard A

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