Thursday, January 14, 2016

Technology in the Classroom

Did you know that most CCCB Pre-k and Head Start classrooms are equipped with a computers and tablets? A couple of our sites even have Smart Boards! Some experts suggest that allowing preschoolers to have computer time can be beneficial and we agree! A safe balance of technology based learning and traditional teaching gives CCCB kids a wonderful foundation and head start in their educational careers.

What are the benefits? Computers can educate, introduce spacial and logical skills, prepare children for future computer use, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, nurture problem-solving skills, stimulate language comprehension, and improve long-term memory and manual dexterity. The greatest benefits occur when children use computers side-by-side or when they work with adults. Preschoolers develop cooperative problem-solving skills. They also have the opportunity to interact with others, which enhances their overall learning.

With so many learning websites and apps out there, where do you start?  There are many free websites and apps that you can use for your child.  Here is a list of 25 that might get you and your child well on your way to learning with technology.  Just remember, some experts suggest keeping toddlers and babies under the age of two completely off of devices.  If you don't mind having a little tot-tech, keep their screen time to a minimum.  Monitor what your children are doing and keep screen time to about 15 minutes daily.    

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