Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Book of the Month: Ten Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle

Ten Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle

Eric Carle enchants us once again with his colorful illustrations and storytelling.  This is not only a wonderful counting book but an adventure that starts from a conveyor belt and takes us out to sea. A storm hits and a box of ten rubber ducks falls off the boat and into the ocean.  Good thing they are rubber ducks and the can bob and float in the water. Where will the currents lead them?   The ducks each travel to different parts of ocean meeting different animals friends.  There is a happy ending for the 10th rubber duck who finds his way floating to a  real life duck family!  A great opportunity to talk about directions, the different animals, and counting.  

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Rubber Duck Race
Work those fine motor skills and get those duckies moving!  An inexpensive water gun or spray bottle, rubber duckies and a tub of water is all you need to get going!  We can thank Fantastic Fun and Learning for this fun idea!

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Rubber Duck 10 Counting Game
Practice different ways of making ten with this simple to create math game!  Kids will love adding and subtracting ducks to the water.

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Rubber Duck Snack 
Kids will love making and eating these duck pond snacks.  Thank you Still Playing School for the cute chefs that showed us how to make these.  All you need is blueberry yogurt, rice cake, duck crackers, little hands, and a grumbling belly to make these treats.

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Rubber Duck Craft 
Having a Crafty Morning?  These simple to make paper plate ducks will be a perfect activity to go with the book.  

Thank you for reading our book of the month.  Come back next month to see what we share in May!


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