Monday, December 12, 2016

Winter Dress Code


Please dress your child in clean, comfortable play clothes so that he/she can move freely from one activity to another. We will be very active and not always tidy, so please do not let children wear any “special clothes”.

GYM SHOES PLEASE! Shoes should have non-skid soles and closed-in toes. If your child comes in any other type of shoe, it may limit their involvement in many of our activities. ABSOLUTELY NO OPEN-TOED SHOES!

Classrooms are required to go outside daily, so please be sure your child has dressed appropriately for the weather.

Children will go outside as long as it is over 25 F. Please be sure to send a warm coat with a hood or a hat, gloves, and boots. Teachers will often plan activities in the snow, and as long as your child is present, they will be participating in all activities. When your child wears boots to school, be sure to send extra shoes for them to wear inside.


Very cold weather is expected this winter. Please plan accordingly.  Make sure children dress appropriately for the cold weather.  As always, please plan for all sites to be open.  We will announce if our agency is closed through our website, social media such as Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank You

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