Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Book of the Month: Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle

Mister Seahorse
by Eric Carle

Most mom's, take credit for the care and birth of their young, but in an exciting twist we learn that the daddy seahorse is the one who holds and cares for the eggs until they are ready to be born! We also learn that there are many other ocean creatures, where the male is the protector of the eggs and babies. Eric Carle does it again, writing with simple text and including magical and colorful illustrations that toddlers to preschooler will understand and love. A wonderful introduction to children about the male role of many ocean life.  Introducing a quick science, ecology and a family lesson.  A keeper a perfect read around Father's Day.

Mister Seahorse Paper Plate Craft

This wonderful craft comes from  Glued to my Craft blog.  This simple craft gives us our very own Mister Seahorse and some scissor and fine motor practice.  Simple enough for a preschooler, you will surly love making this adorable seahorse with your little one.

Mister Seahorse Video

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