Monday, February 1, 2016

February Book of the Month: The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud Jane Cabrera

The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud 
By Jane Cabrera 

The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud is a cute little story about a polar bear who's only friend is a fluffy white snow cloud. The little bear was sad because, though he loved the snow cloud, he wanted a friend he could play with. The fluffy white clouds started sprinkling snow and building the little polar bear friends out of snow. But whales, seals and deer made of snow don't play and always end up melting. One day, little polar bear sees another snow animal, except this time, it was a real bear! He finally found a friend! Cute little story and illustrations that are a perfect read on a wintry day. 

Puffy Paint Polar Bear 
What I like best about this polar bear craft is the texture. Shaving cream paint gives this little bear a perfectly puffed coat. 

February keeps us snowed in at times but what if we bring it in with us? Make your own Snow Dough. Children can build little polar bear some friends, or add plastic animal toys to create a North Pole sensory station. The best part? No gloves needed! 

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