Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Book of the Month: Down by the Cool of the Pool

Down by the Cool of the Pool
by Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees
Down by the cool of the pool is an engaging book that encourages movement and introduces new vocabulary to pre-k children.  This colorful book sings verses with repetition and rhyming.  Wiggle, clap, stomp, and flap along with the characters as they join the frog in the cool of the pool.  Encourage children to follow along breaking out into a dance party!   

Frog Snack
End your dance party with this healthy frog snack.  Learn how to make it at www

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Easy Lily Pad Pond Water Table
This one is from Simple Small Worlds.  Foam lily pads and toy frogs make this sensory table a perfect activity extension to the story.  You can even include other farm animals join Frog in the cool of the pool.

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Jumping Frogs Craft

These jumping frogs are a fun craft that might need a little adult help for the origami portion of the project. It's fairly simple but maybe little hands may need some help with the folding.  No worries, any folding children manage to do doubles as exercise for those fine motor muscles.  

Here is the simplest tutorial I could find to make these jumping frogs.  Mom Trusted blog has a good one too.  Not only is this an adorable craft that goes perfectly with the book but you can make it your own by having kids color or use green paper, add googly eyes and maybe a cute little red tongue sticking out.  If you want to get even fancier, make a lily pad from green paper, glue onto a blue (water) construction paper and try to get your little frog to land on the lily pad.  Just like that, your craft turns into a game.

Here is our version of the Jumping Frog Craft:

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