Friday, July 1, 2016

July Book of the Month: The Very Lonely Firefly

Do you see fireflies where you live?  I have seen less and less every summer that passes.  Who doesn't have memories of catching these glowing critters?  Their tiny legs walking on your finger as you gently place them in a jar. Who can catch the most?  Filling a jar with a dozens glowing critters.

The other night, I saw tons of them for the first time since I was a little girl.  I rushed in to grab my kids because I wanted them to experience what I did before they started to fade away. The magic and fun of catching fireflies as they glittered in the summer night, should be a part of every kids memories.

I was now curious about the decrease of firefly population.  So I did a little research. Scientist are not sure but think air pesticides, noise, air and light pollution are just a few things to blame.  Can you imagine a summer without fireflies?  Learn more at

Now I was inspired and on a quest for good story about fireflies, or lighting bugs as I remember calling them, and found this one by one of my favorite children's book author:

The Very Lonely Firefly 
by Eric Carle

A little firefly is born and is in search of firefly friends.  Will he find them?  He sees a flashlight, a candle, the glow of various animal's eyes in the dark of the night, but no fireflies.  Illustrations are what we expect from Eric Carle.  A wonderful book to read, after a night of firefly catching!

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DIY Firefly Jar
Don't have fireflies near you?  Make this simple craft so your little ones can have their own jar of fireflies.

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Catching Lighting Bugs
Make this jar with your child to catch fireflies.  It glows, even if you don't catch any!  

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Firefly Sun Catcher
Looking for a craft to go with the book?  Hearts Arts Crafts came up with this adorable firefly sun-catcher.  Now you can enjoy fireflies during the day!

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