Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Book of the Month: Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

By Dr. Suess

March is not only National Reading Month but we get to celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest children book authors of all time, Dr. Suess.  His collection of timeless books appeal to children today as much as they ever did.  So naturally, our Book of the Month is  a Dr. Suess book.  

Choosing just one was tough since he has written so many fantastic books.  So we stuck to one of his most loved and well known books, Green Eggs and Ham. This story is a staple in every childhood.  We all know this crazy story about a hesitant character arguing with Sam-I-Am.  His refusal to like green eggs and ham continue through the book until he finally tries and loves green eggs and ham. Teaching little children that they should not judge a food by the way it looks.  I love how Dr. Suess sneaks not-so-obvious morals into his stories with his silly story lines and bouncy lyrical verses. 

His unique style of illustration and story telling makes him one of the most memorable children book authors of our time. Want to read more Dr. Suess books?  Childrens Books Guide kindly put together a complete list of Dr. Suess books.  

Source: Mrs. Lisa's K-Crew

Green Eggs Pudding and Wafer
What goes better with this book than a green eggs and ham looking snack?  This simple idea comes from Mrs. Lisa's K-Crew and will surely make any hesitant preschoolers taste buds say "I do like green eggs and ham, I do like them Sam-I-Am!"

Green Egg made by using vanilla pudding with green food coloring (Jello has a green pudding), sprinkles and a vanilla wafer. 

Green Eggs and Ham Matching Game
I can not find the original source but this is a great Green Eggs and Ham themed activity for preschoolers .  Cut shapes out of construction paper, draw out the matching yolk and egg on a piece of paper and you got yourself a matching game!  Love it!

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