Friday, November 1, 2013

November Book of the Month: Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks
 by Margaret Sutherland and Sonja Lamut 

Thanksgiving is about pilgrims, eating turkey and spending time with family, but most importantly, it's about being thankful for simple things in our life.  The story is a list of things in the narrator’s life that make it special.  Sunny days, family, hot chocolate, reading a book with Mom and Dad, even lollipops. What are you thankful for?  What is your child thankful for? This is a great book that skips the history lesson and jumps right to the point.  Thanksgiving is for giving thanks! 

I am thankful for spending time with my child.   Making crafts together is a great way to spend quality parent-and-child time.  Ask you child to list off the things he/she is thankful for. It's fun to hear the silly things kids come up with!   Learn how to make this at Creating Couture Parties.  

Photo Credit: Creating Couture Parites

I am thankful for my family.  I can't express how much I love this craft Family Turkey Hand Print Craft.  My Montessori Moments blog  posted this back in 2010 but thanks to Pinterst I found it and had to share.  

Image Credit: My Montessori Moments

I'm thankful for healthy snacks that I can gobble.  How cute is this turkey fruit platter.  Perfect for siblings or a pre-k classroom to share.  I think the chef will have fun making it too! 

Photo and Recipe Credit to: Clean and Sensible

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