Monday, July 15, 2013

We all scream for ice cream!

Here is the scoop...
July 15th is National Ice Cream Day.  As a matter of fact, the whole month of July is National Ice Cream month!  We found these ice cream themed activities that will have your kids screaming for more!  

We love this idea.  Fill a bin with empty ice cream containers, scoops, spoons, colored sand, and pom poms for sensory play fun.   Learn more on why sensory activities are important.

What kid doesn't like to pretend play.  Make an ice cream shop out boxes and a little imagination.  Don't have time to make this?  Just make an ice cream shop sign and set up a little table for you tykes.  It doesn't take much to spark a preschooler's imagination.  *Bonus: Grab that sensory bin and add it your ice cream shop to add to the experience.

Image Source

Feeling crafty?  So Easy Being Green Blog has a great tutorial
on making this card board ice cream shop.
Add  play dough ice cream, foam cones and sprinkles to your pretend ice cream shop.

Your kids will be
scooping up the fun!

What kid doesn't like to get messy and make some art.  Here are some ice cream inspired creations.
Puff Paint Ice Cream Art
Learn how to make this at
Includes a free printable!

This DIY Popsicle memory game is easy to make and fun to play!  This FREE printable is compliments of

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