Friday, July 5, 2013

July Book of the Month: Beach Day

Beach Day
by Karen Roosa,
Illustrated by Maggie Smith

This is a perfect summer beach book for toddlers and preschoolers. Story has a gentle poetic rhyme and rhythm of a family’s prefect day at the beach.   Children  enjoy pointing out the detailed pictures of families and friends playing, eating, and enjoying the beach.  Talk to your child about how your family's trip compares to the one in the book.   

A Trip to the Beach
The sand between your toes, the warmth of the sun, and the laughter of your child as you run together into the cool waves together. Nothing feels like summer more than a trip to the beach.  What makes Chicago great is that you get a few beaches to choose from and they are free to access.  A short drive to any of Chicago's beaches will make a perfect day trip that will feel like a mini vacation.

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Surf, Sand, and Learning 
Give your child more than a sun-kissed glow during your trip to the beach and take advantage of this family time to teach.  Laughing Kids Learn has great ideas on how to make your trip to the beach a fun learning experience.  

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Sand Pudding
I'm so excited to share this pudding recipe. We found it on Ma Nouvelle Mode blog and she has fantastic and easy step by step instructions on how to make this sandy creation.

Sand pudding looks so much like the real thing you almost think twice before tasting it.  It is a perfect dessert for a beach picnic or delicious enough for any snack during summer months.

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Sand Castle Craft
If the trip to the beach wasn't enough bring some sand home and make a craft. has the step-by-step in how-to create this easy sand castle craft. 

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