Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Book of the Month: Mouse Paint

by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Mouse Paint is a book is about three white mice that hide against white paper from the cat.  Find out what happens when they start playing with different colors of paint.  Will the cat find them?  This playful story is a perfect toddler/preschool book that has a simple lesson in primary and secondary colors, color mixing, and camouflage.


Try this Mouse Paint activity to extend the story, experiment with color blending and introduce secondary colors.   

What you need:
3 – White cotton balls
Finger paint (red, blue, yellow)
Coloring page (see below). 

Start by putting a glob of red, blue, and yellow on the designated spots on the paper.  Take the white cotton “mouse” and dip one in red, one in blue, and one in yellow.  Then follow along with the story and have the blue “mouse” dance in the red paint to make purple.  The red “mouse” dance in the yellow paint to make orange. The yellow “mouse” dance in the blue paint to make green. Swirl the colors together onto the puddle space creating the new colors. This is a simple and fun activity that introduces primary & secondary colors.   

Source came from Teacherspayteachers.comTeacherspayteachers.com.  Find this coloring sheet at: http://www.mrsminersmonkeybusiness.com/2011/10/rainbow-science-freebie.html

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