Monday, July 16, 2012

July Book of the Month: If you give a pig a pancake

From the Book Lady’s Cart
A hot summer day is a perfect time to settle down with a good book.   Don’t forget to read to your child.  When you sit down with a good book, give your child one to read.  A love of books begins early.  Even if he or she can’t read yet, pictures tell the story and your child can make up the words to go with the pictures.  Don’t forget to check out the offerings your library has in the Children’s Corner.  Going to the library is such a fun excursion—and it’s free!

Here is one of my picks...      
This delightful book is about a little pig who wants not only a pancake but the syrup to go on top.  Of course that makes him sticky, so he wants to take a bath and then he wants bubbles for his bath and a toy to play with in the water.  The rubber duck makes him homesick and one thing leads to another and another and another until the little pig wears the girl in the story out.  This book may wear you out, too, because your child will want to read it over and over and over again!

CP "The book Lady"

Extend the fun with Family Activities:  
  • Pancakes anyone?  Have your child help make breakfast by cracking the eggs, mixing the pancake batter and allow them to pour their own syrup. These kind of activities encourages self confidence, family bonding, and cooking is an early introduction to science! 
  • Discuss the book.  Ask what comes next and remember there is no wrong answer.
  • Paint with Syrup!  Using a dropper your preschooler
     can work on their fine motor skills! 
  • Paint with syrup!  Click to learn how to make shiny syrup paint with your preschooler!  This activity helps develop fine motor skills, sensory, creativity, and color identification.   

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